Hello There, I'm La Tasha

Well, it only seems fitting that I start off by introducing myself. Well to start, I'm a mom. I have two busy toddlers, ages 5 and 4, and a teenage son (16) who though not as busy as the babies, keeps me busy enough. And I'm a quite the wonderful and supportive husband, Sam.

I'm passionate about the color pink. If it is pink I WILL buy it and I am fully aware of the fact that I have no need for it. But it is PINK after all. I love coffee, hazelnut flavored with half and half. Because of that, I am a collector of coffee mugs. Though I have my favorite ones, I try to rotate so that I can use them all. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because it is the one holiday where my family makes every effort to get to my grandparent's house to spend time together. Family means everything. Oh and one more thing...I'm "cold-natured", which makes summer my favorite season by default.

Now that we have that out of the way, I fell in love with photography when I moved to Charleston, SC in 2012. Charleston is rich in color, culture, and history. It is a beautiful place and I was finding that everything I saw with my naked eye became a passing memory that I wanted to capture and hold on to. So I got my first camera. Then in 2013 I had my daughter and began taking photos of her around the house, then purchased my second camera. As I began capturing memories for friends, family and clients I decided to turn my hobby into a business in 2016. And now here I am as your photographer, making moments last a lifetime.

I'm very excited about being able to work with you. And to me, that means a lot. Being excited about what I'm doing with you and for you as your photographer is the key to creating images that allow you to relive your precious moments time and time again. So relax, be yourself and have fun....and let's work together and create some beautiful memories!!!

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