So, What Are You Good At?

I, like many people, spend a large part of my day scouring the internet and scrolling up and down my social media outlets. I'm often looking for new ideas, searching for what's "hot" in the photography world, weeding through online webinars and classes and picking out which ones are best for me. A lot of time while doing this I come across a question that makes me take a look at myself and my business. Today that question simply asked "what are you good at?".

The person that asked this question went further to inquire of photographers, "if you specialize in so many things, do you actually specialize in anything at all?" I personally thought it was a great question. In the world of photography you'll find people that specialize in different areas. You have the wonderful world of wedding photography. You have photographers that focus on newborns. Some people enjoy pet photography. And let's not forget about the sexy world of boudoir. Some of us photographers keep it broad and say "I specialize in Portraiture" which if you really think of it, can cover a magnitude of images.

Nonetheless, I asked myself this question once I saw it. Tasha, what your good at? I once dubbed myself as a portrait photographer. Mainly because I didn't want to be boxed in. I personally like to photograph anything that will stay in my sight long enough for me to capture it. Now I consider myself a portrait photographer with a focus on all things LOVE and relationship related. I like capturing images of couples. So this can be weddings, engagements, and even proms. This can also be the couple that just started dating and they want to have a professional session to capture where they are at that time to remember when their love was young and new.

Does this mean I'm unable to do any other type of work? Of course not. I thoroughly enjoy boudoir photography, maternity sessions and people simply celebrating a milestone in their lives that they want to hold on to through photos. I am able to work with many different clients, needing many different things. If I am asked to do something and I feel uncomfortable with it over all, I surely let the client know and I recommend one of the many other photographers that I know can handle the task. Luckily, this has never deterred a client and they are willing to say "hey, let's just give it a try anyway." One client even said to me "you know I like to push you so I'm going to still do this with you." She is one of my favorite clients.

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